Drift HD 720

R 2,630.70

The Drift HD 720 records 720p High-Definition video, has a 5MP still photo mode, built-in LCD colour screen, remote control, and a wide angle lens, to name just a few of the features on offer.

With an easy-to-use visual menu, instant video playback, and a built-in speaker, you can review your footage when you’re on your motorbike, cruising at 7000ft in your plane, on the beach after surfing a barrel, or at the bottom of the hill after your downhill ride.

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Quick Feature List:

  • Full HD for creating crystal clear footage
  • Same compact housing 145g.
  • Replaceable lens
  • A playback LCD screen for lining up shots and the ability to play back the footage right away
  • A remote control to enable you to film what you want to record, not the boring stuff in between
  • New goggle strap in addition to curved and flat adhesive mounts, paired with a universal clip for multiple mounting options
  • Standard ¼” 20 thread for use with most tripods

If that isn’t enough the camera also has the following:

  • A rotating lens so you can mount the camera at any angle and any position to get that shot you are looking for
  • It can take 5 MP photos. Put it in the time lapse mode and you can take pictures every few seconds for as long as your memory card and battery lasts
  • You can pair the remote control to your camera or any number of additional cameras.
  • A digital zoom function so you can get even closer to the action or your friend in front
  • Night mode so you can record in darker and duskier conditions
  • Waterproof case accessory offering