FK51 Mustang

At Aero 2013, FK Lightplanes pulled the cover off a show stealer: a 70 percent scale Mustang ultralight and LSA. Molded of carbon fiber, the aircraft is true to the original, right down to the dimples in the rivet lines. AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli took a tour of the airplane with FK’s Roland Hallam.

The ScaleWings FK-51 Mustang is an absolute true to original ultralight replica of the legendary P-51 Mustang. There are thousands of details like the rivets, screws,
metal sheet joints and surface details of the original you can find on the new ultralight Mustang. The FK-51 will get brilliant flying performances due to its special
multiple proved and tested laminar foil. The FK-51 will be produced in a complex but extremely strong carbon-honeycomb construction, this is a guarantee for an
extremely lightweight construction with maximum strength.

ScaleWings delves into the true to original reproduction of airplanes in the tiniest detail. With the FK-51 Mustang, ScaleWings transfers the know-how to the
development of true to original replicated planes as ultralight replicas. The construction takes place on a high-capacity 3D-CAD system in every nut, bolt and screw.
The surface details are included in the 3D construction as well. The main principle is the passion for detail! Every rivet row, every screw and every maintenance
door matches to the original plane. The master models are produced on huge CNC milling machines. The moulds are laminated by extensive handwork, so the detailed
surface can be very precise and perfectly transferred to each part of the plane.

B&F Technik has already proved their know-how of development and calculation with the construction of the FK-Lightplanes armada. B&F Technik is also responsible for
the aerodynamic and static design, structure layout, dimensioning, load tests, flight tests and the certification of the ScaleWings FK-51 Mustang.

FK-Lightplanes, takes over the serial production of the ultralight Mustang, because of their running production of the FK planes, and their extensive experience in
working with carbon-composite technology.FK-Lightplanes and their dealer network are responsible for the worldwide sales, marketing & support.Through this the worldwide servicing is guaranteed.

A special electro-hydraulic retractable gear has already been designed for the FK-51 Mustang, placing high emphasis on the lightness, stability and reliability. The
ultralight Mustang will be serial delivered with this retractable gear.

The standard engines for the FK-51 will be the Rotax 912 ULS with 100 HP and the 914 UL with 115 HP. With these engines a speed of 260 to 280 km/h can be achieved.
Till the first delivery there will also be engines until 200 HPavailable.

The FK-51 Mustang is dimensioned to a maximum speed Vne of 370 km/h. This was achieved by an enormous construction effort. Furthermore the ultralight Mustang is
capable for aerobatic flights with a maximum load of +8 to -4 g.

To reach the sound of the original P-51 Mustang there will be a sound system available to generate the original sound in the ultralight Mustang. This device will be
controlled by the engine controls and provides an absolutely original sound from starting the engine, the acceleration and the stopping sound of the engine.

When the first delivery takes place at the beginning of 2014, there will be a transport trailer for the ultralight Mustang available.

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