Kyle Franklin stunt

Kyle Franklin, is one of the youngest airshow professionals in the airshow industry. He is the only son of legendary airshow pilot Jimmy Franklin. Kyle has been performing in airshows for over 10 years has been around aviation his entire life. He experienced his first airplane ride when he was just 4 weeks old! Kyle grew up living with his family in an apartment built inside an airplane hangar. In addition to becoming his favorite playground, the hanger became a means for Kyle to spend quality time with his father by helping him work on the Wacos, Super Cubs, and his Aerostar and because of this, Kyle is now a licensed A&P mechanic. Kyle’s Father taught him how to fly when he was 8 and later taught him aerobatics in the Super Cub. Kyle is now an accomplished pilot of over 19 years, is not new to what some people would call dare-devilish feats. As a toddler, he learned to ride a tricycle on just 2 wheels! A few of years later, Kyle graduated to BMX free-styling and air-walking and then mastered motorcycles. At the age of 8, Kyle fell in love with DeLorean cars. As a sophomore in high school, he had bought a DeLorean of his own and modified it with a bigger engine, flame thrower, oil slick, and smoke system (only to work it into the airshow line-up of course). Like his father, Kyle began flying at very young age. As a preschooler, he seized every opportunity to wing walk on Dad’s WACO “Mystery Ship” as it taxied about on the ground at airshows. At age 14 Kyle went for his first flying wingwalk on the Waco “Mystery Ship” and by the time he was 17, he was wingwalking professionally at airshows around the country as the world’s youngest Wingwalker. He and Jimmy also made up the first father/son wingwalking team in history! In 1999, his father debuted the new Jet Waco. At that point, Kyle became the world’s first Jet Wingwalker. In addition, Kyle is the ONLY person other then Jimmy pilot the Jet WACO! Wingwalking was only one of Kyle’s many aerial talents. He performed the daring motorcycle-to-airplane transfer for over 5 years. Kyle now performs as the pilot in which the transfer-er jumps from the back of a moving motorcycle onto a rope ladder hanging from the bottom of Kyle’s Super Cub. Kyle also flies one of the wildest Comedy acts you’ll ever see; so wild he has steel skid plates taped to the wingtips so when he intentionally drags the wings on the ground it doesn’t hurt them. In the Summer of 2003, Kyle began performing in his Father’s one of a kind Waco “Mystery Ship.” This is one of the few big bi-plane aerobatic acts you will find on the airshow circuit today. Besides a full complement of loops, rolls, Cuban 8’s and hammer heads, Kyle is one of a handful of pilots that will actually torque roll, tail slide, and even lomcevak tumble his massive Waco bi-plane. This act has it all: noise, smoke, speed, looks, nostalgia and low-flying aerobatics. Today, Kyle has retired from wingwalking, and focuses fully on his flying. Airshows are Kyle’s full-time job, performing 4 different acts with the Super Cub and Waco “Mystery Ship” at airshows all across the country.