Air Canada Close Call At San Francisco International Airport!

Recently, An Air Canada A320, Flight 759 missed 4 stationary aircraft by a mere 100 feet when we almost landed on the taxiway (Taxiway Charlie), at San Francisco International Airport, where these jets were lining up for departure. This occurred at 11:56 pm on Friday, 7 July!  The Errant plane was reported by one of the aircraft on the taxiway to the tower controller, who then instructed the Air Canada Aircraft to go around. Further Investigations are being initiated by FAA on this matter. This could have been one of the most shocking disasters in recent Aviation History but luckily the experienced pilots on the ground, saved many peoples lives.

The Pilot was cleared to land on Runway 28R which he mistakenly thought it was, but he was actually lined up for Taxiway C, this is why he reported aircraft lights on the ‘Runway’ he was cleared to land on.

Mountain View pilot Max Trescott, who operates an aviation blog, said the data shows just how close the planes were: Shorter than a throw from home plate to second base, or the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool — by 64 feet.

“Being a quarter mile down the taxiway before initiating a go-around and passing just 100 feet over the first airliner indicates that this go-around was initiated much later than a typical go-around by a large aircraft,” he said.


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