Lilium VTOL Jet first test flight!

Lilium is a vertical Take-off and Landing Jet (VTOL) manufactured in Germany which was finally tested on the 20th April 2017. This was a prototype, Lilium plans to launch a 5-seat model in order to enable a air taxi service.

This aircraft is capable of achieving a maximum of 300 km/h which can fly for an hour! Therefore giving it a 300km range which is from Paris to London in a single flight! This technology is very efficient as it is all electrical and therefore no CO2 emissions are released. Lilium is planning to introduce an air taxi service to replace Uber and be more efficient. It works on a similar basis to the Boeing Osprey, just in a smaller wing basis and electrical. Hopefully South Africa adapts to thee emerging world and we have silent air-taxi’s flying around our skies.

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