Aviation Crash Course #1 : How to become a Pilot

In this video, we have Willem Gray, who knows absolutely nothing about Aviation whatsoever. He wants to learn how to become a pilot! So, I explain to him the basic procedures and understanding of what he must go through before he can even get into the airplane and later actually go on to get his Private Pilot’s License (PPL) .

I go through things such as :

  • Approaching the flight school.
  • Mentioning that he must get a Student Pilot’s license (SPL)
  • The requirements necessary to obtain your license (Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate etc.)
  • The eight CAA exams that you must complete for being able to do your final flight test ( Meteorology, Air Law etc.)
  • 45 Flying Hours required at least (Broken down in the video)
  • The average cost of obtaining this license.

Hope you enjoy and find the video useful!