Two B-25 Bombers found in waters off Papa New Guinea!

Two B-25 Bombers that were found out to be involved in World War II Service were found off the coast of Papa New Guinea during February of 2017. They were found by a team of Marine Scientists and archaeologists called it Project Recover. These planes were difficult to find as seen in the video because they were covered in coral and would not be easily noticed by the public.

These B-25’s have been found 70 years later due to a team of excellent individuals involved in this project. There are still approximately 73,000 US service members that have not been accounted for due to World War II, leaving family’s questions unanswered about their past. This Worldwide project hopes to bring closure to the families of these fallen warriors.

The B-25 Mitchell is a twin-engine bomber that was used in service by many countries around the World War 2 Era. The biggest user was of course the United States Air-Force as this is where it was mass produced.

Refer to for the operational history and Specifications of this historic airplane. The B-25 was involved in many of the USAF main missions and operations.

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